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world. Our kiosk at Moto Toddington is not far from the remains of Toddington Castle, now all that is left is a mound behind the church. Local legends tell of a witch imprisoned within the mound, and that if you put your ear to the ground on Shrove Tuesday you can hear the witch cooking pancakes! The self-service currency exchange machine also works as a bureau de change, offering foreign visitors to London the chance to change money into pounds.

"It is estimated that there are.7bn worth of pesetas lying in peoples' drawers. "When the euro took over, there were billions of old currencies left over he said. Fourex beat out thousands of competitors and took home 50,000 (73,000) in prize money as well as an endorsement from Virgin founder and billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Branson. Both have worked together for years, starting back in Abu Dhabi where they were entrepreneurs frequently traveling around the region.

In June, Fourex won Virgin Media's Pitch to Rich competition, beating 2,500 other companies to the prize. But there is a margin added in for each transaction, he added, which is normal for all currency exchanges and how Fourex generates its profits. European currencies such as, deutschmarks, Pesetas, Schilling, etc exchange out-of-circulation or old issued notes from over 150 countries foreign coins notes exchange leftover travel money both coins and notes accepted no need to separate coins no minimum amount total value of all coins and notes. Paterson said the plan is to roll out more machines around London's underground network and to launch in other countries. "It's a great thing because there isn't really a facility for this, to change these coins in the UK with a bank." l e v a r t, sophie Morlin-Yron contributed to this report. Its first machines in London include two in the King's Cross underground station, another at Blackfriars station and another in the city's Westfield-Stratford shopping center. Did you know that there are 10 platforms within the tube station - more than any other station on the network? En cliquant sur le site ou en le parcourant, vous nous autorisez à collecter des informations sur et en dehors de Facebook via des cookies. Pitch to Rich " competition which they saw advertised on LinkedIn.

Technology is king "We're constantly working on trying to improve the customer experience said Paterson, with technology being at the forefront of this challenge. Stanley found us on Google and came to check out our money exchange kiosk at Kings Cross. Facebook, voir plus de contenu de Fourex sur Facebook 2 824 personnes aiment ça 2 814 personnes suivent ce lieu, personnes, pages connexes, photos.