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are far apart, the spread is said to be a large spread. A Bear Futures Spread is when the trader is short the near month and long the deferred month. One thing should be made clear: spread betting is illegal in the United States. When the bid and the ask prices are close, there is a small spread. The next day, when the dividend goes ex, the share price typically falls by the (now-expired) dividend amount of 1, landing around. It is important to note that the near months for futures contracts tend to move farther than faster than the back months. The spread should go in your favor when prices are rising. Popular betting firms like.K.-based, cityIndex allow spread betting across more than 12,000 different global markets. You are long the near month and short the deferred month (May is closer to us than July). Turners Take Market Alert includes an email newsletter subscription).

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If the front month is trading lower than the deferred (like our first May. Before the announcement, spread bettors take positions intended to gain from such sudden jumps. Say a company whose stock is currently trading at 60 declares a dividend. Many day traders will temporarily stop trading if their market develops a large spread. The share price starts to rise up to the level of the dividend: in this case, somewhere around. When there is a substantial supply issue or increase in demand, the front months of a commodity will start to go up faster than the back months. For example, lets say it is February of 2011 and there is a shortage of corn. However, we feel it is a trading method that should be in everyones arsenal. That is why when you are long the near month and short the deferred, it is called a bull futures spread. The near months will still increase because corn can not be harvested until the fall, but the deferred months should be able to help with demand and will not go up as fast as the near months. Disclaimer: The Balance does not provide tax, investment, or financial services and advice. One example of this is Corn.

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