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returns an error for the easy_perform call you will probably fail to parse the json so might as well abort early. It works today, but is subject to changes in the formatting (and of course, structure) of the feed over time. In the context of the subsequent calls however this seems unlikely. It seems more likely that the connection is actually established when you call curl_easy_perform, after you've setup the URL, Agent and Read callbacks. It doesn't matter that much which style you prefer, but try to be consistent valeur du pips forex with it, it makes code much easier to read. If it looks like this in your editor, consider using one that will help your format the code appropriately. If it looks better in your editor, then use the preview when posting to CR to make sure it matches. Though there is a limit of 1000 request for free users.

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yahoo historical data json forex

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Comments, some of your comments are helpful, but others don't really add much and some might actually be misleading: /after creating handle we ill start transfering webpage. To retrieve historical data of currency exchange rates, you can't use Yahoo Finance. There would also be scope for re-usability for some of the methods, between your applications (your previous post has very similar curl connection setup). Their API only offers historical data of stocks. You read from the connection.

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