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frame / higher time frame. An elephant never forgets, neither does the market. You must sell below Pivot. Both give good results. The price is below the Pivot but above. An important point to remember about this is that if you miss the original event move, dont worry!

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Support resistance levels are obvious horizontal levels that are drawn on a chart connecting bar highs or lows that are at or near the same price level. The Break, in a perfect world, support and resistance levels would hold forever, McDonalds would be healthy, and wed all have jetpacks. In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above Pivot (if the price reaches above Pivot) and sell below S2(if the price reaches below S2). Disclaimer, copyright 2018 t, copyright 2018. Pivot, normal Values, r1, r2, r3,. When playing start market forex the bounce, we want to tilt the odds in our favor and find some sort of confirmation that the support or resistance will hold. Support Resistance Levels, support and resistance levels are simply horizontal levels on the chart that can be drawn across bar highs and lows.

In a perfect forex trading world, we could just jump in and out whenever price hits those major support and resistance levels and earn loads of money. The key aspects of the indicator are the most important support and resistance price zones watched by the biggest banks, financial institutions and many forex traders. Two of the primary features of any price chart that are critical components for any price action trader to thoroughly understand, are support & resistance levels and price action event zones.