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a great tool, but lets be real -there is no perfect one that will work in all environments, all the time. What You Will Recieve: Expert : Dashboard Babon Scalping System v2.2.ex4. And its only 20! It is best to actually learn how to trade consistently before you make the decision to let a program do it for you. And they sell them at human affordable prices ranging from 20 to 5000. They could just input random numbers into an excel file as most people wouldnt bother checking if they are accurate or not. Builds on the use of trade indicators Slope Direction Line indicator and Rads MTF Has Bas, the description of which you will find below.

We are a team of highly experienced Forex Traders located in Tunisia whose only purpose in life is to live according to our own design and desire.
Ptrofesseur forex, Trader le Forex et/ou les CFDs implique un niveau de risque élevé, et peut ne pas tre approprié car vous pouvez subir des pertes supérieures à votre dépôt.
Babon-H1 is for getting big picture, Babon-A and Babon-B are for.
Template Babon-A is the same I uploaded in the post #930, and TMA and Babon Slope are the same I posted in post #930.
Template Babon-H1 is a new one, TDI Red Green and Heiken Ashi are the new indicators too, so you have to download all this stuff.

With regard to the installation Has Bar, the first on the schedule you want to transfer Has Bar A, and it is already Has Bar. Thus, once closed "box" on the H4 color, different from the previous ones, it is a signal to enter or coup in the opening of a new candle (If close the "square" has a different color point in the middle, we see as a continuation. Working with this system is carried out on a package of trade pairs (ie, more than five at a time which allows it to remain profitable even if unwanted price changes have occurred in some pairs. If MetaTrader was included, it should be restarted. Ignoring, threads Started, thread Replies, stories Submitted, story Comments. Thus, it appears that the trader is always "on the market". As a result, losses occur and they can be huge if not closely watched or managed.

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