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also a option to get a scrap discount on your purchases if you add to your name on Steam and make their Steam group your Primary group. If you have any additional TF2 bots you think should be included in the list feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. TF2 Trading guides, posted on 4 January, 2018, tF2 trade bots are a great alternative when you want avoid the hassle of dealing with people in your trading life, its quick and easy trading with bots but often at a cost of the value. Its one of few sites that accepts unusuals, that being said you should expect to lose quite some value when selling your unusuals to the trade bots. If youre looking to trade a lot of items might not be a good fit, at the moment you can only buy or sell one item at the time. Hosted on their servers. Trading bots in TF2 has gotten quite common in the recent year and theres plenty of traders that owner their own bot. A quick reminder when using this site is that you should expect to get less value for your items when trading straight to cash then if you would use any other trading service on this list. Has a easy to use interface and is prefect if youre out browsing for a new cosmetic to buy (or sell). The site is easy to use site with decent prices, just search for the items youre looking for, click it and their trading bots will send you a trade offer within minutes.

They also accept csgo, pubg and Dota 2 items (some items wont be accepted because of low demand or overstock) listings. Sh lets you trade your items straight to cash, which is perfect for anyone looking to quickly cash out their TF2 items.

You usually can get a pretty good deal from these bots because the bots tend to compete with each other driving the price up down, just expect that these bots wont pay that much for unusuals (in general at least but can be quite competitive. If you want to get your item sold quickly you can most likely find one of these bots on s looking to buy pretty much any items out there. You can get cash for a wide range of TF2 items but not all items are accepted. Theres usually some kind of indication that its a trading bot youre dealing with, just check the name of the trader or in the listing description.

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Its also one of few trading sites that adds some value for painted items. STN-Trading is one of the bigger automated trading sites thats focused on TF2 items (with a small csgo section). #3 main thrown in /var/www/pppara/data/www/p on line 224). Is the biggest TF2 trading bot site around that lets you trade a wide range of items, hats cosmetics, strange weapons items, keys/metal, regular weapons, unusuals and even Steam game gifts some csgo items. You can buy/sell your cosmetics/hats/strange/weapons and keys/metal on the site, they used to have a unusual section but thats not active anymore. Theres a few option available if youre looking to get your own trading bot, I made a guide in the past where I list some of the best options out there for anyone looking to get their own bot. Most of these automated services work in a similar fashion, you login on their site via Steam, you choose what items you want to buy or sell, and then a trading bot will send you the trade offer on Steam. The prices are regularly updated which is a huge plus, making the prices to be quite fair most of the time. Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function similar_posts in /var/www/pppara/data/www/p:224 Stack trace: #0 include #1 #2 require var/www/pppara. Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links, clicking them and making a purchase will support the site.

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