exchange crypto monnaie

selling; it's all automated. In some cash transactions on LocalBitcoin, sometime the seller cancels the trade right before the meet up to force buyer in buying at a higher price. You post a buy/sell offer on the network based on the cryptocurrency and fiat money that you wish. I hope with this steemit post, there will be more people starting to use Bisq, the real decentralized exchange for the decentralized world.

The outcome would be either go forward with the transaction as both parties agree or canceled the transaction altogether where seller gets back his BTC and buyer gets back his USD. White Label, start your own cryptocurrency exchange, learn more. Loyalty Program, reduce your costs with, b2BX token. It can work as a desktop wallet for any of your alt coin. I've used Zelle payment method where you can directly transfer USD from any major bank (Chase, BOA, Wells Fargo, etc.) to any one's bank account using their email/phone number without costing a single penny.